General Makerspace – Safety

Safety Reminders

  • No food or drink is allowed in the makerspace
  • No open-toed footwear is allowed in the makerspace
  • Doors should not be propped open
  • Used blades and sharp debris should be put into the sharps container
  • Clean your work area once you are finished
  • Contact staff when you have an issue with tools, equipment, facilities, or resources.
  • In an emergency please contact JHU Emergency Services 410-516-7777

Makerspace Layout


Eye Wash Station, First Aid Kit, and Sink

Personal Protective Equipment

Eye Wash Station – Instructions

  1. Go Immediately to the Eyewash Station – Don’t Waste A Second!
  2. Begin to Flush.
  3. Hold Your Eyes Open with Your Fingers.
  4. Roll Your Eyes.
  5. Flush for a Full Fifteen Minutes.
  6. Take Out Your Contacts.
  7. Seek Medical Help.