Rules and Regulations

Use of the makerspace is a privilege, if you are not following the rules and regulations, or safety guidelines outlined during training you will be banned from the JHU Makerspace.

  1. No food or drinks are allowed in the makerspace at any time.
  2. No open-toed footwear of any kind is allowed in the makerspace.
  3. When entering the JHU Makerspace you must swipe your J-card. Do not prop the door open or let others in unless given permission from staff.
  4. Do not let any unauthorized person (anyone who has not completed general shop training) into the makerspace.
  5. Do not use any equipment, tools, or facilities that you have not been trained on/in by JHU Makerspace staff.
  6. If there are any issues with tools, equipment, or the facilities you are to block off the equipment or area and contact JHU Makerspace staff immediately.
  7. Using equipment or resources for commercialization is prohibited.
  8. Tools, equipment, and resources are not to leave the makerspace unless given permission from the makerspace manager.
  9. You must pay for any tools, equipment, or resources that have a cost associated with them.
  10. You must follow all safety guidelines outlined during your training on JHU Makerspace tools, equipment, resources, and facilities.
  11. We do not allow multiple pieces of equipment to be run simultaneously by a single user. (EX: Printing on more than 1 printer at a time.)

 Having badge access to FastForward U Homewood and JHU Makerspace, I understand and agree to following:

● I will swipe/tap my student ID card each time I enter the space 

● I will keep the space clean by cleaning up after myself

● I will return furniture and any other items used back to its original location 

● I will not remove any items from the space (furniture, supplies, food, etc.) 

● I will report any problems with the space or suspicious activity immediately to the staff or security 

● I will not possess or consume alcohol (irrespective of age) or illegal drugs in the space 

● I will follow the JHU Student Conduct Code while using the facility and/or its resources. 

● I understand that violation of this agreement, especially regarding drugs, alcohol and inappropriate conduct, may result in immediate revocation of access privileges 

● I will follow all instructions given by JHU Makerspace, FastForward U, Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures, Johns Hopkins Security, and other posted security personnel

● I will surrender my badge access when I no longer need access, upon request by staff, or when I am no longer affiliated with the university (whichever of these occurs first)