Laser Cutter Setup

Before using the laser cutters, it is important to turn on the compressed air as well as the fume extraction. When you cut materials they often emit fumes since the laser is burning through the material, and the air vents are an important component of the system that keeps the fumes from spreading in the space.

To turn on the compressed air, simply turn the yellow lever into the vertical position. To turn on the air vent, flip the light switch to the right of the copper tubing (it will take about 1 minute to turn on). You should hear the compressed air come on loud and clear.

** Insert photo of compressed air things

Turn on the laser cutter that you are using by holding the power button on the right side of the machine. Once on, check the list of allowable materials to make sure that you can cut the material you’ve chosen.

You can open the laser cutter using the handle on the front of the machine, and load your material inside. Before closing the machine, hit the large green run button from the UCP software. You will see the laser head move as if it were cutting the material, however there will be a low-energy red laser instead of the cutting laser. This is a great way to make sure that your cut will stay on the material that you’re cutting.

Once you have checked that your pattern will fit on the piece of material that you’re using, you can go ahead and close the lid of the laser cutter and hit the green run button on the UCP software again. This time, you should see the laser cutting for real. If you notice any flames, please stop your print and review which materials are acceptable for laser cutting. If you notice any odd sounds, or out of the ordinary cutting patterns (such as the laser head running into the material) please stop the cut, put an out of order sign on the machine and text or email Richard Mejia about the issue. The sooner you let us know, the sooner we can fix our equipment so that everyone can use it!

When you are done laser cutting, please remove your scrap material and take it with you or donate it to the scrap pile in the space. Make sure that the laser cutter, air compressor, and air vent is turned off after you are finished. ** If you are NOT the only one using the machines, please leave the air compressor and air vent on for other users!