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Student Workers:

Student Worker #1

Junior in Mechanical Engineering

Howdy, I’m Parker. I’m a sophomore mechanical engineer from Chandler, Arizona. My hobbies include rocking out with my band Rachel, playing tabletop games, and working on the Hopkins BAJA SAE team. Whenever I commit to a project, I always put 100% into it because nothing is more exciting than seeing something you made work for the first time.

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Student Worker #2

Senior in Mechanical Engineering and Creative Writing

Hey I’m Willa! In my free time I lead trips for the Outdoors Club on campus, and work at the rock climbing wall. I love fixing old machines and carving, and I’m interested in diving head-first into wood working with everyone this semester!

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Student Workers #3

PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Hi, I’m Bayo! I received my BS and MS from JHU in 2012 and 2018, respectively. I work in the ECE department in Dr.Ralph Etienne-Cummings’ lab in the field of neuromorphic engineering and in Dr.James West’s lab in the field of electrostatic transducers and energy harvesting. Outside of school and research, I enjoy engineering, designing and generally making things, including an automated koi feeder and small electric vehicles.

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Student Worker #4

Sophomore in Mechanical Engineering

Hometown: Saint Paul, Minnesota

Hi! My name is Eleanor and I am a freshman studying mechanical engineering. In my free time I like to sail, donate blood, and build stuff! I’m also on Hopkins’ Baja SAE team. Some fun projects that I’ve worked on include a homemade metal foundry and various woodworking projects around my house. 

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