Benchtop Power Supply Enclosure

Project by Gavin Granath –

Gavin was able to purchase an inexpensive DC power supply from ebay and then design and print his print his enclosure in the Makerspace. With accurate voltage and amperage control, benchtop power supplies make it easy to test and prototype electrical components.

Supplies and Cost:

Around $40 total cost

Adjustable 5A Step-Down Buck LCD Digital Power Supply Module 6V-32V to 0-32V USA

AC to DC Power Adapter with an output of DC 12V and 5A max

Panel Mount Banana Plug Female Socket

Banana Plug to Alligator Test Lead

Enclosure Machine Screws M2.5 x 10

We’re Open!

We’re finally open!

Our team had such a great time putting this project together! Check out the files on thingiverse and use our 3D Printers to make one for yourself.

We are very excited to be able to serve JHU’s Students, Staff and Faculty at the JHU Makerspace. We hope that no matter what skill you currently have (or don’t have), we can show you ways to expand your skill set and take your designs and ideas to the next level.

As always something like this couldn’t of happened without support from some key individuals (you know who you are!) and I’d like to thank them for everything they have done to make this possible.

– Richard Mejia