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Book training/reserve space

All training for the wood shop must be scheduled using the above blue button. Please keep in mind that tool reservations can only be made within 2 weeks of the booking time.

If you have not used the equipment within 6 months, you must schedule an additional training for policy and procedure updates.


Our wood shop is packed with stationary machinery and hand tools to help make your large-scale prototype a reality. See a list of all available tools here.

Training Track

Please note that you must attend Basic Wood Shop Safety before signing up for other wood shop training. After Wood Shop Safety Training, you can sign up for tool training in any order based on your project needs; however, for beginners, we strongly recommend attending wood shop trainings in numeric order.

1: Basic Wood Shop Safety & Hand Tools (Wood Shop policies/safety, cordless drill, jigsaw, hand saw, chisels, downdraft table, and palm sanders.)

2: Stationary Belt/Disc Sander

3: 14″ Bandsaw

4: Variable Speed Drill Press

5: Miter Saw

6: Circular Saw & Track Saw

7: Hand Routers

8: Jointer & Planer

  1. You must be trained by Makerspace staff to receive access to the equipment.
  2. You are expected to bring your own materials to use in the wood shop, as the Makerspace only has a limited supply of wood scraps.
  3. The Makerspace table saw is operated only by Makerspace staff.
  4. Do not use any tool in the JHU Makerspace wood shop that our staff has not trained you on.
  5. Any metal work is prohibited in the Makerspace Wood Shop.

Violation of these rules or any unsafe behavior in the wood shop could result in revoked access to the Makerspace.