JHU Makerspace shares a building with:

FastForward U  – Starting a business venture, or curious about how to build a company?

Greedy Reads – Independent bookstore

Health Quest – Chiropractic and physical therapy 

Clipper City Crossfit – Group classes, personal training, nutrition coaching, and more


320 W 29th St, Suite 220, Baltimore, MD 21211

Hours:  Limited

Tuesdays – 10am – 12pm

Wednesdays – 4pm to 7pm

Fridays – 12pm – 2pm

Request 3D printer training:

Makerspace 3D Printer Training

Mission Statement:

The Makerspace is a manufacturing and design space managed by the Whiting School of Engineering to enable innovative projects by students.

Usage Guidelines:

The Makerspace is open to all students, faculty and staff of Johns Hopkins University. Priority is given to personal projects that are not related to coursework or grant-funded research projects and that have not yet reached the point of commercialization.

Projects related to coursework or research are also supported by WSE Manufacturing. Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to make use of those facilities as well for these purposes.