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The Makerspace is a manufacturing and design space managed by the Whiting School of Engineering to enable innovative projects for all Johns Hopkins University affiliates.

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We are located at 320 W 29th St, Suite 220, Baltimore, MD 21211 (across the hall from Fast Forward U). Click the link below to see when we are open.



FDM 3D Printers

We have 1 Bambu Lab X1 - Carbon and 5 Lulzbot printers that can print multiple materials.

SLA 3D Printer

Create high-quality resin objects using our Form 3B+ printer and post-processing station.

Electrical Station

Our electronics station is packed with lots of tools to get your electrical projects up and running.

Laser Cutters

We have 3 laser cutters that can cut designs from multiple materials of various sizes.

CNC Router

Our Shopbot PRS Alpha is available for cutting larger pieces of wood and other materials.

Wood Shop

Our wood shop is packed with stationary machinery and hand tools to help make your large-scale prototype a reality.

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